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PGS is now available to everyone as a company that provides essential services and equipment to the Industrial Specialty Gas and Welding Industry.
We bring many years of experience going all the way back to 1975 with analytical electronic equipment repair, service and training, fabrication and installation of sampling systems, cylinder processing systems and gas distribution controls.
Our repair, calibration, and modification services are used for many gas analyzers that can be found in the industrial and specialty gas industry. Some of the well known manufacturers we service are Ametek, Beckman, Delta F, Gow-Mac, Hewlett Packard, Horiba, Meeco, Siemens, Shimadzu, Teledyne and Rosemount, just to name a few.
Proper procedures for handling high pressure gas cylinders are very important to the safety of your personnel. We also offer hands on training both in-house and on-site. They include safe sampling techniques and handling of high pressure gas cylinders, which are an important part of all of our analytical training programs.
The packaged lab system we offer is a proven sampling and monitoring tool. It saves time and space when used for testing multiple specific gas impurities in your gas cylinders, bulk tanks or trailer tubes. It also can be custom tailored to fit your lab’s future needs by utilizing new or reconditioned analytical equipment, which we can provide.
Custom fabrication is our specialty, including gas filling control panels and manifolds to handle all specialty and industrial gas needs. They can range from a simple silver brazed brass manifold to a complete stainless steel automatic tube welded swing arm control panel with diaphragm valves and digital pressure indication.
Gas cylinder rollers and cylinder dryers are also offered. They are available in various sizes and configurations with automatic or manual controls and safety features. The electronic gas area is also an area that we are very familiar with. We can provide our expertise with the special handling and safety requirements that may be needed.

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